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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hi guys! Have you guys ever heard the band alfabeto? They're a super energetic Nagoya-based J-rock band, and they are awesome! When I was living in Japan, they played a lot of free lives at Sakae Hiroba, so I got to see them a lot. As first, I thought they were only okay, but the more I heard them, the more I came to like them. And now - I highly recommend checking them out!

皆さん!alfabeto というバンドを聴いたことがありますか。 名古屋を中心とした精力的でカッコイイJーロックバンド。日本に住んでる間このバンドは栄広場で無料のライブを沢山やっていて、私はライブに何回も行った。最初はまぁまぁだと思ってたけど聴けば聞くほど好きになった。今はー凄くお勧めです。

With a friend, I saw them so many times that we became friends with Takayuki, the vocalist. Unfortunately, he decided to pursue a new dream, it seems that he quit the band. I hope he achieves it! They're also looking for a drummer now (so if you're in the Nagoya area and interested, go for it!)


Still, with Sakurai on vocals, Toshi on bass, and Kitagawa on guitar, I am sure they are still an amazing trio, and I would love for them to come to Montreal. At their last live I went to, I was told they would try,. . .so I'm waiting!