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Monday, July 1, 2013

My Kanji Adventure: Week 2 Days 1 and 2

So An Cafe's newest song is out!!!! Or, at least a preview of the PV is. Aaaand, they are all dressed up as girls in it. Miku, the singer, is soooo beautiful that I always thought he would make the most amazingly gorgeous girl. And somehow, his face just looks big. To the point where I can almost understand the Japanese people thinking of small faces as a sign of beauty.
It doesn't work for him NEARLY as well as I thought it would. So I guess it's settled - he's just a beautiful boy. Or maybe it's just that the hair doesn't suit him. I dunno. Anyhow, watch the video and let me know what you think.


- tree
- grove
- forest
- Japanese Judas tree
I have NO clue if it's actually the Japanese Judas tree or not, but I just imagine a tree with lots of vines going up it, and as they go up, they start moving and come alive.
- oak tree
- frame
- treetops
I just imagine a GIANT Christmas tree with lots of beautiful candles at the tops.
- shelf
I imagine a wooden shelf with a big smile following me around everywhere I go, being my companion.
- apricot
- Paulownia tree
Again, I don't actually know what this tree looks like, but I pretend it looks like bamboo, and I imagine the beautiful bamboo forest outside the temple in Kyoto, and then I imagine monks walking around enjoying the nature, and I've got this tree.
- plant
- chair
I imagine a giant wood chair with a giant St. Bernard sitting in it with its mouth nailed shut.
- wither
- crude
- village
- inter-
A tree that is alive with giant human eyes; very inter-species
- desk
- book
- tag
- calendar
- plan
- parch
- not yet
- extremity
- obscure
The sun shining beautifully on ALMOST everything. Except one little OBSCURE area which we can't yet see because the sun hasn't reached it yet.
- splash
- flavor


- younger sister
- vermillion
- stocks
- young
- grass
- suffering
- bullying
- tolerant
- dilute
- leaf
- graveyard
So, according to my phone, this means "must not" or "do not," not graveyard. But remembering it as graveyard helps me remember so many other kanji, so I guess that's what I have to do.
- imitation
- vague
Usually, if I'm in a graveyard, I'm sad, and I'm therefore crying. Through my tears, I can't see very well; everything looks vague.
- grave
- livelihood
I spend my days working just for what? To end up eventually in a graveyard.
- flesh
- seedling
- portent
Yay! I get to imagine the turtle from the Neverending Story, talking of bad things to come.
- peach tree
- stare
- dog
- status quo
- reed
- hunt
- cat

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