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Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Kanji Adventure: Days 6 and 7

Anyone that knows me knows that An Cafe is one of my favoritest bands of all time! I have loved them for AGES, since I was in France, and my love of them hasn't waned at all. Every time I listen to them or see a picture of them or even think about them, I am overwhelmed with happiness, and I remember why I started loving visual kei (and think; yappari, An Cafe really is still the best).

When they came back, though, after their 3 year break, as much as I LOVED the music, I was a little bit disappointed with the look (see above). They were still my beloved An Cafe, but their look was a bit ridiculous, over the top, like they were trying to hard for a comeback. And I was sad.

Since then, though, they have had 2 different looks, and both of them were perfect and wonderful and amazing (see above for the first of the two). And I was able to fall in love with all of the members all over again. And remember just WHY I am in love with Teruki. And I was looking at pictures of them this morning and thinking that, and I am happy. :-) It's good that all it takes is a new look to make me happy. :-)
Teruki, my future husband (shhh, don't tell Guillaume).

Anyhow, kanji! I managed to seriously study kanji for a WHOLE week!!!! And then some, as now I'm actually in the middle of week 2. I'm super proud of myself, but really, I wonder how long this will actually last. Given my laziness, probably not too long.


汰 - cleanse
The problem here is that, according to the dictionary, this kanji means "select." According to Heisig, it means cleanse. So which is it. Maybe I should just stop learning the ones that he seems to get wrong. Hmmmm. . .
- soup
- grains of sand
- tide
The tide is water that comes in with the mist and is controlled by the moon.
- source
- lively
- extinguish
- but of course
Yet another one where the meaning he gives isn't in the dictionary. This kanji seems to ACTUALLY mean condition, not but of course. How I remember it: if a mom asks a teenager is he's taken a shower, he's CONDITIONed to say "but of course." That way, both of the meanings are in there!
- river
- overnight
- lake
Here, I actually imagine an episode of Game of Thrones, where they are sending a dead man's body away in a lake, and someone keeps trying to shoot an arrow at it to light it on fire and missing. As such, we've got that the lake is the water in which you put old flesh.
- fathom (in the sense of measuring)
- soil, gournd, dirt, land
- spit
- pressure
- cape
Growing up, I used to read this series of books about this group of kids that grew up on the cape and had minimal access to outside people. Craaaazy things used to happen on the cape. As such, the CAPE is the LAND where STRANGE things happen.
- hedge
- inlay
- square jewel, vine, ivy
- horizon
- temple
- time
- level
- fire
- inflammation
- anxiety
This head is on fire! with anxiety.
- thin
Drinking lots of water is a great way to THIN out any inflammations that the body may have.
- lamp

- farm
- disaster
- ashes
- spot, points
- illumination
The sun reaches down its giant, seductive arms, with licks of fire coming off to illuminate everything around us
- fish
- fishing
- ri (measure of a rice field), computer
- black
Fire comes up and chars everything in the land that is the rice fields black
- black ink
The black that marks the land
- carp
The carp is the fish you most often see swimming near Japanese homes, in their gardens, around their rice fields
- quantity
- rin (the measure of something REALLY small)
If you look at a ri from the top of a cliff, it looks about 1000 times smaller, a rin
- bury
- same, monks
- den
- trunk, torso
- yonder
- esteem
- character
- guard
- perfect
- proclaim
- wee hours
- relax
- banquet
- draw near
I imagine a GIANT St. Bernard with his mouth nailed shut, sitting in the window of a house. If I'm running by, and I see that, I imagine that I wouldn't be able to stop myself from DRAWing NEAR to the house, to check it out a little more closely.
- wealth
- savings

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