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Saturday, January 5, 2013

ENGLISH BLOG TRANSLATION: Teruki from An Cafe - Happy New Year! 01/01/13

Happy New Year ☆ Thank you for your continued support in the new year.

Thanks for everyone who came out to Osaka Zepp yesterday. It was an awesome end to the year 2012. The theme of this Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka Zepp tour was Christmas, end of the year drinking parties, and kouhakuutagassen (<--annual New Year's Eve singing party), and all of the members of An Cafe worked hard and spent time preparing it! It seems like all the Caffeko enjoyed it, and for that I'm extremely happy (*^ω^*)

In many ways, I think 2012 was am unforgettable year. I thought about lots of different things and felt lots of different emotions. That goes for things outside of the band as well. . .If you don't cherish the important things, you might end up separated from them.

I wrote it before in another blog entry, but I'm really extremely grateful for everything I have, even if I sometimes take things for granted. . .It's probably because I already lost things once, but I've realized how much it can hurt. And then things that you think that you've lost once, when they come back to you, it's really a miracle. For everyone that made that happen for me, everyone that wished for it to happen, each and every one of your feelings, your wishes - I'm really so grateful for it all.

This is something I told all of the Caffeko in Osaka yesterday, but. . . Next year is An Cafe's 10th anniversary! We'll be doing a nation-wide "48" prefecture tour! When we did SUMMERDIVE, many Caffeko came together, by plane, by bus, by Shinkansen, and all of the members of the band decided "This time, we'll go to them!" Of course, this time we're going to go see all the Caffeko that have, in the past, come to see us, not just the ones that attended SUMMERDIVE. And for the final, on January 4, we'll have a live in the 48th Prefecture, Nyappy Prefecture, Nihon Budokan.  Of course, there is a reason for this date.

On January 4, 2010, An Cafe stood on the stage at Budokan for the first time, and as of that date, we started our indefinite break. On that day, and at the time of SUMMERDIVE, I wrote honestly in my blog, but. . .now I'm doing it again. That's not how I want to think of Budokan; Budokan's not a place where I want to make such sad memories.

When the announcement of An Cafe's reunion was made, when it was published by Nico Nico Entertainment's "dwangya", . . .I think it was maybe the clip from the Big Site live. When it was played for us, I thought "Whoa! That's way cooler than what I thought of An Cafe," and I got into the An Cafe spirit again! I thought, we've got to back on stage even cooler than that! But then, at the end of November, we went to the store of Mr. Shiba, our translator when we were in Mexico, and he was playing our Budokan Live DVD. I saw that, and what I felt then was, "We're not laughing. Our eyes are dead." I thought, "That's not us, not An Cafe." We didn't look cool at all. I'm so sorry to all the Caffeko that bought this DVD, but really - that's honestly how I feel.

"Now that's an An Cafe Budokan live!" That's what we want to be able say from our hearts, what we want the Caffeko to be able to say with a smile, from the bottom of their hearts. We want our 10th Anniversary reunion tour final to be that live. I guess this was probably a little bit heavy for the first blog entry of the year (^ω^;) Sorry! Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto, etc. . . 48 prefecture tour - let's definitely have a great time together!

From the opening of the Antique Cafe, from the start of An Cafe, 10 years! Thank you so much for all of your support o(≧∀≦)o It is with an abundance of gratitude that An Cafe will come meet you in "your city" (NOTE: ”キミノマチ"へ逢いに行くよ, we will come meet you in "your city", is the name of their tour) Ten years should be commemorated, so let's celebrate together o(≧∀≦)o

10th Anniversary year
LIVE CAFE "48" Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto,etc Prefecture TOUR
※Schedule and Details coming soon!!

●Japan Budokan Live - Scheduled o(≧∀≦)o
10th Anniversary year
「Nyappy Prefecture」
Date:January 4, 2014 (Saturday)
Time:Doors 16:30/ Start 17:30
Price:Advance Sale¥6,500(Tax Included/All Seats assigned)

Tickets Super Fast pre-sale at 【FC BondS】
■Time for buying 12/31(Monday)12:00~1/15(Tuesday)23:59
※These are priority tickets for Budokan
■Payment time 1/18(Friday)13:00~1/21(Monday)21:00
※Please note that there is currently a mistake on the FC Bonds site

Organizers  :DISK GARAGE
Planning and Production:Red Cafe/Sony Music Artists
Contact:DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888( weekday12:00-19:00)

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