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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fashion: What I'm Coveting: JSG Winter Collection

There are regularly clothes I want but can't have. As such, I'd like to tell you guys about them in this blog.

This week what I'm totally coveting comes from the winter collection of my beloved JSG.

I LOVE hoodies, so it's no surprise that I was this hoodie. It's super cute, it's pink (I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink!), and plus, it's got clawed mittens and ears attached! It's super cute, right?

And then there's this jacket. If I were in Japan, even though I have no money, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stop myself from buying it. I used to wear leopard print a lot back in high school, but recently I don't wear it so much any more. With JSG's fresh, new take on leopard print, I've got a feeling that might change. Is leopoard print making a come back? I also love the stars.

Alright, which one do you guys prefer, the coat or the sweater?

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